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3rd Base Before Home!

Bring your little league for a unique family bonding experience. Watch your favorite game while enjoying your all-time favorite dishes only at 3rd Base Sports Bar & Grill. From tasty appetizers and fresh salads to mouth-watering burgers and thirst-quenching cocktails, we’ve got everything you crave for and more.

Don’t miss your game while you are trying to get back home. Drop by the resto and enjoy the live streaming of your favorite game right on time! Join your friends and fellow sports enthusiast and relax at the end of a long workday with our refreshing drink selections that will surely suit your mood and taste.

Your kids can enjoy some arcade games while you watch live sports on TV. Catch your favorite sports game in real time and live action on the giant HD projection screens that we have. Find out the game results before anybody else as we give you live viewing of the happenings in the world of sports. From college professional sports games to other world sports, we got it all playing all day for you.

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Bond With Fellow Sports Enthusiasts

Going out on Friday and Saturday nights has become a customary event to many people all over the world. Going on a night out with your family or friends is definitely both refreshing and relaxing after a long week of work. It is totally a “TGIF” way of enjoying a few days of leisure.

One of the newest trends especially for sports lovers is to sports bar restaurants. Going to these restaurants lets you experience the synergy of a bar and delicious food while enjoying the company of your friends who share same interests in sports like you do.

Going to sports restaurants is definitely an alternative way to watch your favorite sports game live when you can’t go to the location the game is actually taking place. It’s one place where sports lovers can get together, bet on their teams and enjoy the game of the year. A live game of  Manny Pacquiao in boxing is one of the most anticipated matches in the world of sports and is better watch with people who love sports as much as you do!

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When in Frisco…

If you are planning on visiting Frisco, Texas, you will have abundant opportunities to have fun and enjoy your time choosing from the many things that you can do around the city. It is a city known for its shopping and sporting areas as well as its other places of interests that are easy to access. Frisco is such a wonderful city that is decorated with its beautiful cityscape and active lifestyle.

When it comes to sports, Frisco, Texas is one city that can’t be out from the list of the most sporty cities in the world. Frisco is home to several sporting venues and is famous for holding different sporting events like basketball, hockey, soccer and more. In fact, sports teams have their headquarters in Frisco like The Dallas Cowboys. Sports fans can also enjoy Dr. Peppers ballpark that is home to the Frisco Rough Rider. The Pizza Hut Park in this sports city is a world-class stadium that is known for hosting both national and international soccer games and other major events and is home to the Major League Soccer Team FC Dallas. Superdome which is an outdoor velodrome can also be found in this city. There are also a lot of facilities that offer personalized sports watching sessions and other services and activities that every sports enthusiast can enjoy.

For those who love shopping, Frisco is also one that does not disappoint. It houses one of the largest malls in the Southwest which is the Stonebriar Center. It also houses one of the largest IKEA stores in the country.

Frisco is also quite a festival town with lots of happening all year round. With its fun festivities like the Freedom Fest on the 4th of July, Lone Star Story Telling Festival, Frisco Art Festivals, and music festivals, Frisco is definitely a place of fun and leisure. Concerts of some popular artists are also held in Frisco. This city also has an interesting history which records are seen in some of the museums in the city such as the Frisco Heritage Museum.

Frisco is also known for its huge variety of unique dining options around downtown where a lot of other things also happen. Don’t become an anorexic, come and eat with us! Since most sports enthusiasts come over to visit, a lot of family restaurants like 3rd Base Sports Bar & Grill offer live sports game streaming that is enjoyed by many patrons coming down to enjoy good food, great atmosphere, and company between fellow sports enthusiasts.

With a lot of visitors and tourists coming to Frisco for its active city life, the city offers a wide variety of top rated hotels and accommodations for tourists and sports teams to stay at when in the city.

Frisco is a city with a colorful and active vibe – a sporty city and busy city with a lot of things always going on. People love to come for an experience that is one for the books. No matter what your choice of activity when in Texas, choosing Frisco as your destination is definitely a great choice.

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